Manually defining models of complex systems is an intractable problem. In this project we develop methods and tools to automate the generation of formal models for complex systems.


This project aims to develop an 'Information System Architecture' for manufacturing systems. My contribution here was to enable the collection of data from robot manufacturing stations. The data defines the operations performed by the manufacturing system and was used visualize the operating sequences along with predicting maintenance needs.


Within the ENTOC project my role has been to collect meaningful information from the complex manufacturing stations and generate a process model that captures the behavior of the system. Furthermore, I use these models along with the nominal model of the system to help identify anomalies in the behavior.


Carolo Cup

The Carolo-Cup is a student competition, providing student teams with a platform for the design and implementation of automated RC cars. The main challenge is to implement cutting-edge algorithmic solutions for vehicle control and environment perception, based on a realistic application scenario.

Chalmers Formula Student

Chalmers Formula Student bridges the gap between Engineering Education and Industry by training students in a real-life project where they independently Design, Analyze and develop Technology solutions by making Data-Driven Decisions throughout the Design, Manufacturing and Testing of a full-fledged Formula Racing automobile, and finally put their skills to the test in competitions with various other teams from the rest of the world.